Wednesday, 17 February 2016


It started out with pretty heavy snow this morning and it just kept going all day. We had a few messages to do this morning including Rene submitting export papers, buying tosai at Torazo and calling at the wholesalers. We took time also to look in at one of Marudo's facilities.

By the time we reached Yamazaki he was busy so we had to postpone our visit there. We took the opportunity to do some shopping before lunch then headed up to see Kaneko again. Shane had a Showa he wanted to see again. Here are some pics from Kaneko.

I selected 2 bowls of koi:

We had a cup of coffee with Kaneko san and it was a great opportunity to ask a few questions.

We spent a fair bit of time at Matsunosuke too. You can see by the photos how much the snow was building up.

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